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Owners along with managers,  Daytrips.is has extensive experience in guiding tours of Iceland, based on excellent knowledge of the country and their education in tourism. Daytrips.is specializes in day trips from Iceland's capital Reykjavik, travel farther and farther than most other companies. We also organize short and long tours in Iceland.

We have excellent luxury cars coach in all shapes and Super 4x4 jeep and choose which one to use according to the type of trip and number of passengers. We are educated in professional guidance.

We offer adventure travel, great 4x4 jeep, and Buses all sizes

Group Size 2-6: 4-8: 9-18: up to 62 adults.

Groups private guided tours: Our main group size.

Jeep 4x4 2-4 pax: Luxury Van 4-8 pax:  Minibus 9-16 pax:

We can change our itinerary according to your choice and go to places that are only possible with a 4x4 jeep and visit places that you can not see the bus tours.

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Travel blog about 4x4 day trip, Snæfellsnes peninsulaMichelle: That’s fantastic that your guide/driver sings opera. I imagine that hearing an aria inside a cave must be quite memorable.

Answer: HI Michelle, but I found that it’s really hard to be disappointed if the country has so much to offer. Yes, hearing the opera in the Song Cave was amazing.

Jan: What an exciting trip. You were lucky to get the owner as your guide. The scenery is fantastic.

Answer: Hi Jan, it truly was exciting and fantastic:)

Freya: What a gorgeous landscape. And a driver who’s also an opera singer? Wow, you were certainly lucky!

Answer: Hi Freya, yes we were lucky. Gorgeous scenery and with beautiful live singing = awesome

Thanks for a wonderful day trip. Alan Cort sent a message using the contact form at:

Our family group of 7 spent a wonderful day on 3/18/2014 seeing a unique view of the "Golden Circle" with Hjalmar Georgsson.
Hjalmar started the journey by saying we'd do the Circle backward so we'd miss the crowds, and have a glimpse of the real Iceland. He didn't disappoint! Safety was always the first concern: he dropped us off at the lower lot at Gullfoss because it was safer to climb up the stairs than down. No tour bus got to have ice cream while watching the cows that provided the milk! And NO tour bus driver sang to his group in the church or car!

Each of us came away with a favorite moment of the trip, but all were touched by Hjalmar's love of Iceland, and his efforts that we might see something of this country's wonderful history as well as its beauty and nature.

Thank You, Hjalmar! Louise, Alan, John, Cynthia, Peter, Ben and Michelle

Family from France Bonjour (Hello) Hjalmar,
Here are some French products to say how much we satisfied by the moments which you made us cross (spend) Thank you again for everything that you made us discover, you live in a very beautiful country.
You will find a little of reading to occupy the time weather when you wait for the customers and can be it will give you the desire (envy) to visit in your tour ballot my country
The honey is made by my bees and the candle I made her(it) with the wax which produces.
Bonjour (Hello) Hjalmar,
I am satisfied that you received this small testimony of our big satisfaction. Actually shall be it a great pleasure to meet again.
Tomorrow I shall show our photos to my Parents and shall make them listen to " O sole m io " sung by a big tenor!
Best wishes. Samuel.
Couples from GermanyThilo Rockmann
6 Dec 2014

Dear Hjálmar,
Thanks again for the wonderful trip today with you. We have great fun and enjoyed very well your company, guidance and in particular the singing, which was just fabulous.
All the best wishes,
About Iceland
The Republic of Iceland (Icelandic: Ísland or Lýðveldið Ísland), is an island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of about 320,000 and a total area of 103,000 km². Its capital and largest city are Reykjavík, home to approximately 50% of the national population. Located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland is volcanically and geologically active on a large scale and this defines the landscape. The interior mainly consists of a plateau characterized by sand fields, mountains, and glaciers, while many big glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, Iceland has a temperate climate relative to its latitude and provides a habitable environment and nature.

According to Landnámabók, the settlement of Iceland began in AD 874 when the Norwegian chieftain Ingólfur Arnarson became the first permanent Norwegian settler on the island. Others had visited the island earlier and stayed over winter. Over the next centuries, people of Nordic origin settled in Iceland. Until the 20th century, the Icelandic population relied on fisheries and agriculture, and was from 1262 to 1918 a part of the Norwegian, and later the Danish monarchies. In the 20th century, Iceland's economy and welfare system developed quickly, and in recent decades the nation has implemented free trade in the European Economic Area and diversified from fishing to new economic fields in services, finance, and various industries. Iceland is a free market economy with low taxes compared to other OECD countries. The country maintains a Nordic welfare system providing universal health care and post-secondary education for its citizens.

Icelandic culture is based on the nation’s Norse heritage and its status as a developed and technologically advanced society. Cultural heritages include traditional Icelandic cuisine, the nation’s poetry, and the medieval Icelandic Sagas which are internationally renowned. Modern Icelandic culture, such as the nation's music scene and cinema, is influenced by the nation’s ideologies. In recent years, Iceland has been one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the world. In 2007, it was ranked as the most developed country in the world by the United Nations' Human Development Index and the fourth most productive country per capita. In 2008, the nation’s banking system systematically failed, causing significant economic contraction.

Clint Eastwood - Tom Cruise - Ben Stiller. These known people and have all made films in Iceland. Iceland also possesses good film producers as Baltasar Kormákur.


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