We offer the best package tours in all of Iceland.

Package trips (3 - 10 Days)

Experiencing the travels in Iceland: Gorgeous history and culture. From Reykjavík to the best and most popular places in Iceland.
We'll pick you up at the airport. Please book the size of the group confirming departure.

All prices are group prices for the whole group when booking.

Due to covid 19. These rules apply while the situation prevails. 
At the border, antibody testing is required for covid 19.
We at Daytrips.is do not have a permit to pick up people at the airport who are on their way to the quarantine, they get special trips  to the infection control hotel.

Extras box: Book Hotel and Activities for extra charge, and receive total price: 

Extras: Package tours: Please add accommodation for the group for extra charge. 
Extras: Book activity: Most one per day per person, and you will receive the total price.

Taxi/Jeep 4x4 1-3/4-6 persons - Luxury Minivan 1-8 persons - Minibus 8-18 persons

Contact us for larger groups, we will make you an offer

Book online in advance and confirm a great package tour

Package Trips

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