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Departure: Pick up 8:30 at your hotels.

in Reykjavík, and also 50 km from the capital.

Day 1:

Pick up the hotel in Reykjavík and drive west to the Hvalfjörður tunnel and the west coast to Borgarfjörður and Borgarnes, stop. We continue and come to the Grabrok crater, and the waterfall Glanni and take a short time. Next we go to the highlands in the north, we can have lunch. We come to the beautiful valleys and visit the waterfalls Kolugljúfur us and the agriculture and the village Blonduos on our way east with north and at Varmahlíð we stop on our way to Akureyri, the capital north for dinner. We arrived at the hotel at 17:00 and had a good time to relax and enjoy what the place has to offer. The rooms have professional quality, clean beds, and private baths. We'll go up the next morning. 9:00

Day 2:

We pick up in the morning after 9:00, For the next 2 days we will travel around the magnificent Diamond Ring. We go from Akureyri over the highlands and come to a beautiful forest in the valley, on the way east and come to a beautiful waterfall called Godafoss. Next we go to Myvatn which is a fabulous place and go to Dimmuborgir lava field. We visit Leirböðin and take a natural bath for two hours, we eat lunch. On the way east we visit Namafjall mountain which is an incredible geothermal area and Leirhnjúkur and Viti crater. Then we visit the incredible Dettifoss, and then continue our journey across the highlands and come to Ásbyrgi which is a magnificent natural wonder and see it, it is close to Hotel Skúlagarður. We arrived at the hotel at 17:00 and had a great time to relax and enjoy what the place has to offer, the hotel's dinner and accommodation. We'll go up the next morning. 9:00

Day 3:

We will take the next morning, 9:00 at our hotel. We will travel around wonderful nature around Ásbyrgi, and a great story about the eruption that was in the volcano Gjástykki in 1975 and the earthquakes and when the great landslide formed and the lake Skjálftavatn came into being. We eat lunch. In the afternoon we go to a beautiful whale watching town in Husavik. Husavik is a beautiful town with a Viking-style whale watching harbor. They offer whale watching tours every two hours during the summer. We end the day by going to Akureyri and get dinner and accommodation. We arrived at the hotel at 17:00 and had a great time to relax and enjoy what the place has to offer We'll go up the next morning. 9:00

Day 4:

We pick up the morning after 9:00 at the hotel and look at Akureyri, the capital of the north and then go back to Reykjavík, but stop at new places. We have lunch on the way. When we get to Borgarfjörður we take the left turn and visit Barnafoss and Hraunfoss, which are historical places and also Deildartunguhver which is the largest hot spring in Europe. This trip ends in Reykjavík at the hotel or wherever you want. We arrive at the hotel around 17:00 and a good time to relax and enjoy what Reykjavík has to offer.

Location visited

This is 9 hour trip per day, it's hard to visit all places.

Day 1. Glanni - Grabrok - Hvítserkur - Kolugljufur - Akureyri:

Day 2. Godafoss - Dimmuborgir - Nature baths, extra - Námafjall - Leirhnjúkur: Víti - Dettifoss:

Day 3. Ásbyrgi -Skjálftavatn - Húsavík Harbor - Whale watching (book extra) - Akueyri.

Day 4. Deildartunguhver - Hraunfossar/Barnafossar - Reykjavik.

Duration: 7 - 9 hours and 300-400 km per day

We reserve and confirm the hotel, this is included.

Price per day, lunch and dinner approx € 50 per person.


Borgarfjörður - Glanni - Grábrók - Kolugljúfur - Hvítserkur - Akureyri - Goðafoss - Dimmuborgir - Jarðböðin - Námafjall - Leirhnjúkur - Víti - Dettifoss - Ásbyrgi - Skjálftavatn - Húsavík - Deildartunguhver - Hraunfossar - Barnafoss



Borgarfjörður: Glanni: Grábrók: Staðarskáli: Kolugljúfur: Hvítserkur: Akureyri:
















Whale watching






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What's included

  • English-speaking driver guidance
  • We pick up the every morning - 9:00
  • We have plenty of space for luggage
  • Photography for your group
  • We offer our customers, Airport pick up on arrival and departure

What's excluded

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Extra activity

What do I need to bring

  • Various clothes to change 
  • hiking shoes 
  • rain clothes
  • warm clothes
  • Camera

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  • Cancellation fee of 0% if cancelled



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  • English


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